Hot Water Service

Hot Water Service

If your hot water is not working properly, it could be something simple to fix. Or it may be a more serious problem. Regardless, it's best to get a plumber to identify the exact issue and recommend the right solution.

Hot water should be a constant temperature, but if it's fluctuating it could be a thermostat problem - time to call Damien Gardiner Plumbing!

If your family has grown since you installed the unit, your hot water may be running out and you may need to upgrade to a larger unit.

Most Hot Water Units have a life span of around ten years.

We offer Emergency Service 24 hours, 7 days a week (put this in red)

No matter the time of the day or night, if you find yourself with:

  • no hot water
  • a leaking or burst hot water tank
  • lower than normal water pressure
  • hot water system gas pilot light keeps extinguishing

Then it's time to call us!

We will supply you with the most economical and efficient model to suit your home's hot water heating demands.

In many instances it may just be a simple repair or part replacement that is required to fix your broken hot water system.

Regular maintenance, preferably every five years, is recommended. The following should be performed as part of any heating system maintenance schedule:

  • Clean the pilot and burner
  • Remove all sludge from the cylinder
  • Measure the hot water temperature and pressure
  • Check the anode - Replace if necessary
  • Inspect the pressure temperature relief valve - Replace according to manufacturer recommendations (usually every five years)
  • Examine the thermocouple and replace if necessary
  • Assess and adjust gas pressure if required
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